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2018-05-03 10:04  

Prof.Eng.Hongpeng Zhang(张弘鹏)
Northeast Power Dispatching & Control Center of SGCC, China

Research Area: Automatic control of electrical power system; large power grid security dispatching operation; large power grid planning; new energy integration; electricity market.

Learning &work experience
Graduated from Tianjin University in 2003 with a doctorate in Electrical System Engineering and the title of professor level senior engineer, he was successively engaged in professional fields of large power grid dispatching operation, operation mode calculation, large power grid planning, new energy integration technology, electricity market etc. of formerly as the Northeast China Grid Company and the now as Northeast Power Dispatching & Control Center of SGCC. He now works as the head of Hydropower and New Energy Division of Northeast Power Dispatching & Control Center of SGCC.
Research Experience:
In recent years, he has been getting involved in the preparation, construction and operation of Operation Rules in Northeast Electricity Auxiliary Service Market as one of the main persons-in-charge, which is the first power ancillary service market in China and he has won the first prize of excellent achievement of  soft science on energy in 2016 issued by National Energy Administration; he has also obtained the achievement award in 2016 by Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG).
Major awards obtained during his working period include one second prize of SGCC patent; drafting two standard codes of SGCC; obtaining one special award and six first prizes for scientific and technological progress of Northeast China Grid Company, one second prize of China Electric Power Research Institute with six published papers.