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2018-05-08 11:12  

Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications,China

Research Area:Partial Differential Equations / Math Biology

Education: 2009/09 - 2015/06, School of Mathematics and Information Science, Shaanxi Normal University, M.S. & Ph.D.

Work Experience:
2015/06 – Now, School of Science, Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunications 

Research Interests:
Mathematical biology model, Reaction-diffusion Equation, Bifurcation problem, etc.

Research Grants:

Period Funding agencies P.I. Grant No.
2016/06-2017/12 Special Fund of Education Department of Shaanxi Province Wenbin Yang 16JK1710
2015/05-2017/06 Shaanxi New-star Plan of Science and Technology Hua Nie 2015KJXX-21
2015/01-2016/12 Natural Science Basic Research Plan in Shaanxi Province of China Yan’e Wang 2015JQ1023

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications:

Wenbin Yang et al. Dynamics of a food chain model with ratio-dependent and modified Leslie-Gower functional responses, Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B, 2015, 20(7).

Wenbin Yang et al. Some uniqueness and multiplicity results for a predator-prey dynamics with a nonlinear growth rate, Communications on Pure & Applied Analysis, 2015, 14(3).
Haixia Li, Yanling Li, Wenbin Yang. Existence and asymptotic behavior of positive solutions for a one-prey and two-competing-predators system with diffusion, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications, 2016, 27.