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2018-05-08 11:16  

Pan Yuxia(lecturer)(潘玉霞) 
SanYa University

Research Area
Intelligent computing and its application

Brief introduction of your research experience:

Presided over four projects:
Natural Science Foundation of Hainan;
Research project of Hainan Provincial Department of Education;
Sanya Kexin bureau project
College project
published Dozens of dissertations on Recognized kernel journals:
PAN Yuxia ,Xie Guang,Xiao Heng.Discrete harmony search algorithm for lot-streaming flow shop scheduling problem with setup time[J].Journey of Computer Applications,2014,(02):528-532+557.
PAN Yuxia, XIE Guang, YANG Lin. Harmony search algorithm with dynamic sub-harmony memories for lot-streaming no-wait flow shop scheduling problem. Computer Engineering and Applications, 2014, 50(1):255-259.
PAN Yuxia,Pan Quanke,Li Junqing.Shuffled frog-leaping algorithm for multi-objective no-wait flowshop scheduling[J].Control Theory & Applications, 2011,(10):1363-1370.
PAN Yuxia,Pan Quanke,Sang Hongyan. Hybrid discrete shuffled frog-leaping algorithm for lot-streaming flowshop scheduling problem[J]. Computer Integr ated M anufacturing Sy stems, 2010,(06):1265-1271.
PAN Yuxia,PAN Quanke,SANG Hongyan,WU Lei.Discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm for lot-streaming flow shop problem[J].computer engineering and applications.2010.46(6):52-55.
PAN Yuxia,Pan Quanke,Wulei,Sang Hongyan,Xie Guang.Hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm for lot-streaming flowshop scheduling problem[J].Application Research of Computers, ,2009,(11):4078-4080+4090.