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Prof.Hui Li(李晖教授)
Vice-dean, School of Information Science and Technology(信息科学与技术学院副院长)
Hainan University, China(海南大学)

Research Area:5G communications, wireless communications, maritime communications and networks

》Technical Program Committee Chairs

A.Prof.Na Zhi(支娜)
Xi'an University of Technology, China

Research Area:DC Microgrid Modeling, Control and Stability Analysi.


Prof. Yuehua Zhao(赵跃华)
JiangSu University, China

Research Area:Information Theory and
security Technology, Communication security,SecureEmbedded System and its Application.

Dr.Hu Zhao(赵虎)
Xi'an Polytechnic University, China

Research Area:fuzzy topology; fuzzy algebra;soft set; rough set;


Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Research Area:Partial Differential Equations / Math Biology.

Prof.Tao Xue(薛涛)
Xi’an Polytechnic University, China

Research Area:cloud computing,
big data, Internet of Things.


Dr.Libiao Bai(白礼彪)
Chang’an University
, China

Research Area:Systems engineering;Project management; Decision Optimization.

Dr.Lingwei Xu(徐凌伟)
Qingdao University of Science & Technology, China 

Research Area:UWB systems,
MIMO wireless systems,cooperative
communication networks, M2M
communications, D2D communications and 5G mobile wireless communications.


Prof.Fushuan Wen(文福栓)
Zhejiang University,China
Brunei University of Technology, Negara Brunei Darussalam

Research Area:
1.Power economics and electricity markets.
2.Power system investment, planning and operation optimization.
3.Smart grids and electric vehicles.
4.Power system alarm processing, fault diagnosis and system restoration.

Dr.Yunfeng Wen(文云峰)
Chongqing University, China

Research Area:Frequency Stability
Enhancement of Low-Inertia Power Systems,
Grid Integration of Renewables
and Storages, Distributed
Synergistic Operation of
Multi-Carrier Energy Systems.


Dr.Xiaosuo Luo(罗小锁)
Chongqing University
, China

Research Area:Model predictive control, System identification, Advanced control.

Prof.Meilan Zeng(曾梅兰)
Hubei Engineering University
, China

Research Area:Numerical optimization and its application, Image processing.

Dr.Yanxiang Hu(胡燕翔)
Tianjin Normal University
, China

Research Area:Bio-inspired Image and Signal processing.

Pan Yuxia(lecturer)(潘玉霞) 
SanYa University
, China

Research Area:Intelligent computing and its application

Dr.Yi Yang(杨毅)
State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute, China

Research Area: IEC 61850 Based Smart Substation, Relay Protection, Smart Grid Cyber Security,FACTS,
and Active Distribution

Dr.Jinhui Zhou(周金辉)
State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Research Institute, China

Research Area:Renewable Energy, Battery Energy System, Microgrid, Smart Grid

Senior Engineer.Bing Hu(胡兵)
Nanjing SAC Power Grid Automation Co., Ltd, China

Research Area: Relay Protection.

Dr.En Fang(方蒽)
Xuzhou University of Technology, China

Research Area: Analysis and Life Prediction of Power Devices,
Topologies and Control Strategies of Power Converters.


A.Prof.Helei Wu(武和雷)
Nanchang University, China

Research Area:Artificial Intelligence Instrument & Pattern Recognition.


Prof.Eng.Hongpeng Zhang(张弘鹏)
Northeast Power Dispatching & Control Center of SGCC, China

Research Area: Automatic control of electrical power system; large power grid
security dispatching operation; large power grid planning; new energy integration; electricity market.

Prof.Zhengwu Yao(姚正武)
Jiangsu Union Technical Institute/Nanking Engineering Branch, China

Research Area: Electrical technology;
Electrical automation technology; Power
electronic technology; Embedded intelligent control technology; LED intelligent lighting technology.etc.

Dr.Zhao Wang(王昭)
CRRC Yongji Electric Co.,Ltd./ R&D center, China

Research Area: dielectric materials—thin films; IC manufacturing process; power semiconductor packaging.


Dr.Jiafu Su(苏加福)
Chongqing Technology and Business University, 

Research Area: Knowledge management.

Dr.Falin Wang(王发麟)
Nanchang Hangkong University, China

Research Area: Digital Design and
Manufacturing Technology; Cable Harness Wiring and Simulation Technology; Virtual Assembly Technology.

Prof.Liang Zhang(张亮)
Jiangsu Normal University, China

Research Area: Microelectronics welding, SMT, lead-free solders.


Dr.Xin Yang(杨鑫)
Xidian University, China

Research Area: Computational Electromagnetics.

A.Prof.Wei Wang(王玮)
North China Electric Power University, China

Research Area: Modeling and control of electric power generating system.

Dr.Chaodong Fan(范朝冬)
Xiangtan university, China

Research Area: Intelligent Computing, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, Smart Grid.

Dr.Shuzhi Su(苏树智)

Anhui University Of Science & Technology, China

Research Area: Pattern Recognition;Subspace 
Learning;Information Fusion;Multi-view Data Analysis.

Senior Engineer. Feng Sun(孙峰)
Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd

Research Area: Power System Simulation Analysis and Operation Control; 
New Energy Acceptance and Energy Storage Technology

Dr.Xueshi Dong, Wuhan University, China
Prof. W.S. Jin, Beijing University of Technology, China

Prof. D. Song, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Prof. Nigiham jim, Korea University, Korea
Dr. K. Lu, State Grid Shandong Electric Power Research Institute, China
Dr. Abdul Latif Bin Mohd Tobi, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia
Prof. Ahmad Baharuddin Abdullah, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia 
Prof. Norhaliza Abdul Wahab, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Prof. Keishi Matsuda, Matsuyama University, Japan
Prof. Ikuo IHARA, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan
Prof. Wen-Tsai Sung, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan
Prof. Jyhjong Lin, Department of Information Management, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan
Assistant Prof.Chien Chiang Lin, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan
Prof.Laurent Ruhlmann, University of Strasbourg, France
Dr.Yanhui Huang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Prof.Luigi Fortuna, University of Catania Department of Electrical, Italy
Prof.Marcello De Falco, University "Campus Bio-Medico" of Rome, Italy
Dr.Narottam Das, University of Southern Queensland, Australia