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Submission Deadline:June 15, 2020

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Registration Deadline:June 19 , 2020

Conference Date:June 19-21, 2020

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Jinan City, referred to as "Ji" for short, is also known as "Quancheng". It is the capital of Shandong Province, a sub-provincial city, and the central city of the South Wing of the Bohai Rim Region. Jinan is the garrison office of the northern theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and is the core city of the Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration.

Because there are many springs in the territory, it has "72 springs" and is known as "Spring City". It is known as "Four Lotuses, Three Willows, One City, One Mountain and Half City Lake". Spring, lake, river, city is a tourist city with unique features. It is one of the birthplaces of Longshan culture, a national historical and cultural city, the first batch of outstanding Chinese tourist cities, and a prehistoric culture.

In January 2019, Jinan was selected into the "2018 WFBA World Top 200 Charismatic Cities" and the "WFBA China 50 Most Potential Cities for Investment in 2018".

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